B & C Fire Safety is a one stop shop for all your Fire Sprinkler needs.

firePumpWhether you need a system for your home or large commercial building, we have the staff and expertise to keep you and your assets safe.  Note that more and more local authorities and insurance companies are requiring fire sprinkler systems to be installed in single family dwellings.

A sprinkler system is a series of pipes with small discharge heads (sprinklers) located through out a building.  When a fire occurs, heat rising from the fire melts the solder link or expands the liquid in a glass bulb, causing it to break and release water on the fire.

Unlike in the movies, not all sprinkler heads are activated in a fire, only the ones closest to the heat source activate.

The following are types of fire sprinkler systems B & C Fire Safety sells, designs, installs, modifies, inspects, and services:

  • Wet pipe system – where piping system is filled with water and connected to a water supply for the water to discharge immediately from sprinklers opened by heat from a fire.
  • Dry pipe system – where piping system is filled with air under pressure to keep the dry pipe valve closed until a head activates and causes a reduction in air pressure allowing water to enter the system
  • Deluge systems – is similar to a wet or dry system except the activating  links or bulbs have been removed so when a control valve is opened water will flow from all the heads in the system
  • Pre-action system – is similar to a deluge system except the heads are closed and with links or bulbs and are not activated until the pre-action valve is opened by a separate fire detection device which allows water into the system.  This effectively converts the system to a wet pipe sprinkler system.

In order to make sure your sprinkler system stays in optimal working order, quarterly and annual inspections are required.  An inspection is a visual examination of the sprinkler system to verify that it appears to be in proper operating condition and is free of physical damage.

B & C Fire Safety inspection, testing, and maintenance services include but are not limited to:

  • Visual inspection of sprinklers and pipes from the floor level to insure they are free of corrosion, obstructions to spray patterns, foreign materials, paint and physical damage.
  • Perform fire pump discharge tests to verify that the pump performs at its capacity.
  • Perform checks of Fire Dept. Connections to validate couplings operate freely, caps are in place, and the check valve is tight.
  • Determine if areas are properly heated for a wet pipe sprinkler system application.
  • Perform trip test of dry pipe valve.  Every three years perform a full flow trip test.
  • Check air compressor condition.
  • Test anti-freeze to verify proper specific density.  Add when needed.
  • Inspect system riser and components for each valve in the correct position and the main valve is in the open position.
  • Perform main drain flow test and record.
  • Perform test of alarm valve at main riser
  • Perform tests of all sectional or floor flow and tamper switches where applicable.
  • Perform water motor alarm test
  • Provide written records of all required inspections and tests of fire protection systems and devices
B & C Fire Safety is fully equipped for any situation and has highly trained technicians to solve any problem.  Please feel free to call on us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!