(Pre) Engineered Systems

B&C Fire Safety specializes in the sales, installation, and inspections of both Engineered and Pre-Engineered Fire Suppression Systems. The primary difference between the two types is that a Pre-Engineered System will be designed and fabricated offsite and then assembled onsite. An Engineered System is completely hand-built onsite. Both types of suppression systems are often seen in paint spray booths, vehicles, petroleum production, marine/vessel applications, computer rooms, mining operations, telecommunication rooms, and commercial kitchens.

Inspection, Installation & Service

Our in-house CAD Design & Engineering Department has been highly trained to design and install most of the various types of systems that are typically seen in our industry today. Keep in mind that to meet all federal, state, and local requirements, your system, whether an Engineered or Pre-Engineered System, must be inspected every 6 months. Our team will happily provide you with a no-obligation estimate on the installation or inspection of a Suppression System. Please contact us anytime to discuss further.