Welcome to B&C Fire Safety, Inc.

Whether you are opening a new business, building a new commercial property, or constructing a new home, fire safety is usually the last thing on your mind. Many people are unaware of the many Florida Fire Safety codes and regulations that must be met before opening your doors. Let B&C Fire Safety be your resource for all your fire protection needs. We are here to educate and make sure that you and all your assets are safe from any unforeseen fires. The importance of a properly working fire extinguisher or fire protection system is priceless when it comes to protecting property and saving lives.

B&C takes pride in its reputation of providing quality service and customer satisfaction! Our staff is always up to date on the latest Florida fire safety regulations and can answer any of your questions. We are a full service fire protection company that includes the sales, installation, inspection and servicing of portable fire extinguishers, fire sprinkler systems, fire alarms systems, restaurant systems, engineered / pre-engineered fire suppression systems, backflow preventers, and fire safety equipment. B&C Fire Safety is continually growing and finding new ways to fulfill your needs, always remaining your Fire Suppression Specialist!