B & C Fire Safety specializes in selling, installing and inspecting Engineered and Pre-Engineered Fire Suppression Systems, utilizing clean agents when needed.

Our in house CAD design engineering department has been highly trained to design and install the most used systems in the industry. To meet all federal, state, and local requirements, your system mustbe inspected every 6 months.

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Pre-Engineered Suppression Systems

Pre-engineered fire suppression systems are easily installed and require a minimal amount of piping. This type of system works best in the following applications:

  • Paint Spray Booths
  • Vehicle
  • Gas Stations
  • Marine
  • Computer Rooms
  • Mining

Engineered Suppression Systems

serversIf uptime is critical to your business productivity and continuity, you need a fire suppression system that acts fast to detect and suppress fire before it can interrupt your business. If your equipment is hard to replace, or your processes are vital to your company, clean agent suppression is a crucial component in your protection system. This type of system works best in the following applications:

  • Telecommunication Centers
  • Computer Rooms
  • Medical Facilities
  • Archive Facilities
  • Fine Art Galleries
  • Libraries

Basically, any room with critical electrical equipment or irreplaceable assets that could be ruined by water.