Winterizing your fire sprinkler system is critical to keeping it operating effectively. Don’t wait until it’s too late to schedule your winterization service! Failure to winterize can result in costly freeze-ups, spontaneous activation, water damage or cracked fittings.

B & C Fire Safety, Inc. provides comprehensive winterization services as a part of your routine inspection. Service includes:
• Draining low point auxiliary drains and condensate from compressor tanks
• Checking the priming water level
• Verifying the temperature of valve enclosures
• Checking the strength of antifreeze solutions
• Inspecting air compressor oil levels, belts and all related equipment
• Instruction to maintenance staff on shut-down procedures in case of an emergency
• Installation of a freeze protection valve on your backflow
• Provide and install a backflow enclosure
• Verifying that all systems are in service

Contact B & C Fire Safety, Inc. today to schedule your winterization service…before it’s too cold!

The above maintenance/services help reduce the chance of freezing but do not ensure against freeze damage to your fire sprinkler system.